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Titanite's Royal Secret
Carnelian Curse Series Book 1

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Heartache. Revenge. Love. Ingredients for the perfect curse. Will King Titanite pass the first test of his family’s torment?


On the night King Titanite’s twins are born, he must make a choice: send one daughter away from the palace or risk losing everything, including his twins. Empathize with Peridot, a shy, kind-hearted princess, longing for her father’s love. Become empowered by Ruby, a fiery, self-driven princess, determined to always be victorious. A three thousand-year-old curse binds those twin princesses to their family’s past and future. A curse driven by pain, revenge, and love. Titanite believes his queen knows nothing of the curse that split the Land of Carnelian in two and also burdened his family. However, with the help of a mysterious being, the queen has her own motives for their daughter who remains in the palace. Enjoy the journey towards the curse-driven battle between the princesses as they learn to harness their hidden royal powers from unexpected companions. 


Read the beginning of this young adult fantasy series to find out which Sapphire princess will become the next heir to the throne and help trigger The Carnelian Curse.

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