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Spinel's Secret Vengeance
Carnelian Curse Series Book 2

Spinel's Secret Vengeance pricing

This curse is just getting started…


Following the shocking reveal of Jadeite’s father being behind the manipulation of the curse all those years following the birth of the twin princesses, chaos ensues within the Sapphire Kingdom. King Titanite is furious that the curse is not over and now has to deal with his father-in-law, who has never liked him, trying to take over his kingdom. Spinel’s motives for bringing down the royalty of Sapphire Kingdom stem from his mysterious bloodline. Vengeance is all he cares about, and he is willing to do whatever it takes to ensure it is achieved. Due to this new battle of wills between the princesses’ father and grandfather, they are thrown against each other yet again. Princess Peridot is desperate to hide within the shadows and avoid any responsibility yet battles with the desire to live up to the expectation of being queen one day. However, her twin, Princess Ruby, is determined to prove that she can and will defeat her sister and take back the throne she feels she is meant to have.


What secrets will be uncovered about the Sentinels and Divinians of Sapphire and Cinnabar kingdoms as you continue the journey of the twin princesses? Will Spinel accomplish his goal for vengeance for his family and Cinnabar Kingdom? Read the second installment of The Carnelian Curse series to find out!

Available for purchase.
Released January 24, 2023

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