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TRS 1 year anniversary celebration!

Participate in a scavenger hunt, 2 giveaway opportunities (1 solely on Instagram), and take advantage of the Amazon sale on Titanite's Royal Secret.

Celebration runs from May 31st - June 17th, 2023

Celebration runs from May 31st - June 17th, 2023

Free chapters!

Grab the 1st 3 chapters of Titanite's Royal Secret

Sign-up for Sequoia's newsletter to keep up to date on future books, merchandise, and of course free chapters.

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HB 90 Affiliate link - Opens Sun June 4th

HB 90 changed the course of my life and helped me reach my dream of becoming a published author. I would not be where I am not if it wasn't for Sarra Cannon's HB 90 Method. Want to find out more and become apart of an amazingly helpful community that will boost your author career? Click on the image to the right to find out.

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